Features of Morph TV That Make It Differ From Others

Since the internet has established itself as a formidable medium for content consumption in the past decade, there are now plenty of streaming services and websites available in the market to provide you access to your favorite TV shows and Movies.

The current streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple owns most broadcasting rights in the streaming industry. Yet, they still lack some classic content such as documentaries and movies from multiple diverse countries.

While some of these streaming services also usually charge subscription fees to access their content, they are sometimes geographically limited, too.

Although you could use workarounds such as sharing the streaming account with a friend or using a VPN, you could instead install Morph TV on your devices to access a wide variety of content for free!

Features of Morph TV

Features of Morph TV

Below mentioned are the reasons that make the Morph TV a better choice than other streaming apps for your content streaming needs:

Pure Hi-Res Content with Offline Support

Morph TV allows you to watch your desired content in all High Definition resolutions as opposed to some apps like Cyberflix TV where you may rarely find any pure Hi-Res content (4k) other than the maximum being Full HD. You can find links for 4k content to view it in a sharper quality with clearer sound. Morph TV also permits you to download your favorite content in multiple formats over both WiFi and data so you could watch it later when you’re offline.

Multilingual Support

This app also allows you the liberty of using and downloading subtitles for your favorite Movies and TV shows. With the support of more than 20 languages in the sourced subtitles library, it’s now easier to enjoy any content you may like. This is a big pro for those who are tired of getting redirected frequently while hunting subtitles links in other streaming apps.

Big Library

Let not the borders of any nation and time limit what you can see and enjoy. The Morph TV app provides you links to worldwide content while also regularly removing broken links by itself, unlike in Titanium TV where you often are required to report links instead of the automatically getting rid of them on a timely basis.


Watching content on your handheld device gets tedious when you’re enjoying either a horror movie or an action blockbuster. With the inbuilt Chromecast support in Morph TV, you can easily watch it all on a bigger and better screen without facing audio lags and glitches that can be not possible in various other streaming apps.

Smart Navigation

Morph TV allows you to bookmark your favorite TV shows and movies, so you could easily find them again in your library. Furthermore, the app displays both TV Shows and Movies separately and in an attractive user interface, so that any confusion between both could be easily avoided.


Morph TV is compatible with both old and flagship Android devices alike. You could also install Morph TV on several platforms such as iOS, Windows, FireStick, etc. The automatic updating feature is a plus aside feature which lets you use external video players, too. This app also has a small footprint unlike Bee TV that creates plenty of cache data that ends up consuming too much storage on any platform.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Morph TV is a versatile app with incredible features that makes your content viewing experience a breeze. In comparison with other similar apps with lesser features, Morph TV proves to be a better choice in each aspect.