How Cardboard Clash differs? – Glimpse of its features

No matter how many battle royale games you have played till date, but you will find Cardboard Clash as one of the most exciting and fun battle royale games. Also, you will gain a somewhat better gaming experience even when you play this cardboard box arena game for the first time.

When it comes to what makes it different from others, there are a number of things you will find when answering this question. This gameplay offers a huge collection of wacky carton characters with different stats, skills, and personalities. You have to pick the one as per your choice and can also personalize the way you want.

Moreover, Cardboard Clash is also considered as the most colorful battle royale game which has beautiful and highly attractive graphics grabbing the attention of millions of people around the world. Here, you get a chance to play 5-minute matches where you have to blast your enemies away from the battlefield and taking control of the arena. Like all battle royale games, you have to overcome all challenges to be the last one staying alive. For this, strategies to make better use of your character, weapons and other items become more important than anything else.

You jump directly into the 30-player cardboard box battle royale involving the taking hold of equipment and items, unlocking specific skills to upgrade your character, along with not to miss any opportunity to shoot, loot and use the strategies to grab the victory. Apart from these, you can also team up to join high ranked matches to enjoy more thrilling gameplay. You can also make use of voice chat with your team in real-time to get better of your enemies.

Let’s have a glimpse of some key features of Cardboard Clash

  • The huge numbers of characters are available to explore and all of them are specialized in dealing with different situations in the battle. So, you have to choose your character based on your choice and preferences.
  • The gameplay have simple and easy to handle controls, the joystick enables you to aim and attack your enemies with great ease. So, always be prepared for the attack as well as defend, like you can hide in the grass, take advantage of teleport, terrain, etc. to make your stay till the end of the battle.
  • 5-minute matches involve various challenges to loot, shoot and survive to be the last one standing.
  • You can explore multiple talents and skills, and can make the best use of weapons to conquer the battlefield.

The fun world of Cardboard Clash is waiting for you, so try this game today only.