How to apply skills for the Gairos you own in Immortal Conquest

When it comes to applying skills for the Gairos in Immortal Conquest, you may get confused and find it a little hard situation as a new player. Skills play a great role in bringing damage to enemies. So, choosing the right skills are must to increase damage output, to lessen the damage input and many other things depends on what type of and what level of skills you are applying on your Gairos.

Here is a simple guide that will help you to learn applying skills to your Gairos to have a strong fight against the enemies.

Skills are utmost important to your team composition, so you always look for skills that have both extreme damage output and comparatively low damages loses, along with saving resources. In such a case, you have to focus on making a different combination of Gairos, as the skills bring different effects depending on its type and range.

In Immortal Conquest, the skills are of four types, each has its own functionality.

  • Active Skills – The most important skills type and is activated depending on the percentage of cast rate and is normally used before the normal attack.
  • Chase Skills – This skills type is cast after normal attacks.
  • Command Skills – This skills type is cast on similar enemies and allies.
  • Passive skills – This skills type is affected in the beginning and remains in effect until the end of the battle.

Placing Skills

Placing skills to a Gairo can either bring a negative impact on his/her overall strength or can enhance him/her intensively. Thus, we can also say that the output of your battle depends on how you give skills to your Gairos. It is also advised that you can add stat points to the areas which you feel are weaker than others so that you can balance the sakes.

Skills range

The skills range has its own importance when placing skills to the Gairos, it is so because it can affect the damage output. If you know what skill to be placed to which Gairo, you must also go through your skills as well as determine their affect range.

Gold skills are considered as the best skills to dismantle and should always be taken into account when you do research for the above skills.

The skills experience is another important part when you are going to apply skills for the Gairos. It helps in making your skills powerful. Moreover, when you want to upgrade the skills level, simply visit the Gairo on which you have placed the skills, click on the skill you want to level up and then on the Upgrade button.

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