Jackie or Cathy – Which is the best in black survival?

Black Survival offers a wide range of character to choose from. Each character has its specific abilities, skills and damage level. These characters play a great role in helping out to achieve your goal to win the game, which is only possible if you are capable enough to fight against your enemies with powerful strategies, weapons, skills, and other items, and make this gameplay much easier to go through.

Here, we are going to learn about two main characters, Jackie and Cathy, so that you can get an idea about the differences between these characters as well as which one is the best in Black Survival.

Keep in mind each character is the best, all you need to know is to how to use them smartly or we can say based on your situation in the game.


Jackie is well known for her cruel killing methods and careful clean ups after killing the target. Her nickname is ‘Quilt’, because she cuts the body of the victim into small parts after killing him. Her unique abilities make her one of the best characters in Black Survival.

When Jackie kills one enemy player or 3 wild animals, it will activate her bloodfest ability for 35 seconds. It will enable you to gain 22 stat attack, where the duration time of the effect of attack will refresh when a new enemy player is killed.

When you use her in a team match, she has somewhat little difference in her abilities. Like here, her bloodfest effect will remain active for just 15 seconds once she skilled an enemy player or 3 wild animals.


Cathy is one of the unique characters in Black Survival, a completely different from Jackie. Cathy is known for her kind an emotional nature which sometimes is problematic because due to this behavior she becomes involved with her patients. Due to it, she has also been fired from various medical malpractices. Her unnecessary sympathy towards the patients made her suffered a lot.

Apart from her kindness, she is a little strange character. Instead of attacking others using guns in Black Survival, she has the abilities which will help you to recover when under damage. The abilities of Cathy include speedy recovery and Arteriotomy. She helps patients in decreasing their first aid time by 10 seconds and give speedy recovery to them.

When you want to use a character to attack your enemies vigorously, you must consider Jackie or other similar characters in Black Survival. On the other hand, if you want to attack the enemies in a unique way without using guns, Cathy would be the best choice.

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