MEmu Review – Powerful Android Emulator for Windows

The term Android Emulator is no more jargon for ourselves but for the uninitiated, it is an Android environment that can be run on your system to use application packages the same as you do on hand-held Android devices.

Emulators come in various kinds based on their purpose and often their overall usability is generally known to outweigh the particularly catered needs. These emulators are usually built by developers to provide both the features and the convenience of using a powerful environment on their portable devices and work systems.

To ascertain the best one among the rest, we’re going to review the growingly popular MEmu Android Emulator with all of its different aspects.


The MEmu Android emulator is seen to perform smoothly with the default Android 4.2 Lollipop provided from the get-go. It is capable of running millions of applications found on the internet along with movies, books, songs, etc. The GUI is also intuitive and user-friendly to allow people of all ages to clearly understand the various functions and features that it provides.

As it is particularly made for Windows users, the only update that you can install for the system is to get the Android 5.0 Nougat by downloading additional package files. Doing this will require a restart and thereon you can install furthermore apps to suit your desires.



In this category, the MEmu Emulator shines with the pre-installed Google Play Store which only requires your credentials to let you access the best apps in the world. The emulator is also known to provide great compatibility across multiple differently configured hardware. So for most older computers with both Intel and AMD chipsets, the MEmu android emulator can easily run graphics-intensive applications and games too by utilizing Nvidia drivers’ which is metaphorically like a cherry on the top of a dessert.


For those people whose only desire is to play games using the MEmu Android Emulator, you get several tools that will greatly enhance your gaming experience. To name a few tools, you get the option to both screen-shot and record the gameplay with a screen recorder. The full-screen mode and key mapping modes are self definitive whereas the kill process manager will come handy if you wish to multitask or play games on older devices. There’s also the script record tool which automates touch screen actions repeatedly based on initial the input from the user.


You can take charge of your system’s performance by selecting the max no. of CPU cores for utilization and you can also manually configure the total size of your RAM. Besides this, you can additionally sideload apps to your phone or connect it for navigating within the emulator.


These are few aspects that makes Memu different than other emulators. It’s hard to not get impressed by the efficient MEmu Android Emulator which is capable of performing well in both multitasking and single-core workloads. Whether you wish to watch movies, TV shows, read books or play games, MEmu is a powerful Android Emulator that can do it all and with great ease!