What are various Alternatives of Terrarium TV


Movie Box HD resembles Terrarium TV, both in design and looks. It is an item of Sky HD and HD movie theater developers.


Another terrarium TV option for ideal viewing of shows and movies effortlessly is ShowBox. ShowBox lets you find media content from all parts of the world. You can delight in unique content right at your fingertips from the language of your option.

Much like Terrarium, ShowBox easily lets you download and see media offline, with no surcharges, and no signup needed. While streaming and downloading you can set the resolution of the content, and there is no limitation to just how much a user can download.


PlayBox is yet another extraordinary platform to see content from all over the world. With PlayBox, you can set up the resolution in High-Definition and 4K.

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– How do I download to an external SD?

With the option to download and watch your series/movies, later, TTV straight downloads to your gadget’s own memory. Presently, TTV does not support the function to straight download to an external SD.

You can use other download supervisor apps and set up system settings such that the videos are straightly sent to your external SD.

The Dev has stated that he is dealing with producing an integrated downloader to the app, Ideally, he will also include the option to change the download location to an external SD.

Terrarium TV develops a high quantity of cache. Typical problems such as ‘no upgrade alert’ in addition to app crashes are an outcome of high cache, and as such frequently clearing cache in the settings will smooth your app experience.

– Is there an Ad-free variation for Terrarium TV?

Unless you have already bought the Ad-free variation (when it was available), there is no Ad-free variation of TTV is available presently. The dev has divulged no info relating to the execution of an Ad-free variation in the future.

Any Ad-free variations of TTV you find online are not official/supported, use it at your own danger.

It is essential to safeguard yourself digitally, so a financial investment in VPN is a long-lasting financial investment. You do not require a VPN to use Terrarium TV.

– Why does Terrarium TV requirement approval to access Storage/Location/Contacts?

The approval to access Places is for ad-targeting just. You do not need to give this consent.

TTV reads your e-mail id to confirm if you are a premium user or not. Premium isn’t available at this moment; so unless you have acquired the premium variation when it was available, you can reject this authorization without any effects.