Best ways to farm coins in Onmyoji Arena

When you play Onmyoji Arena, you will find that earning coins help you a lot in making your battle strong and effective. With the earned coins, you can feed souls and upgrade shikigami, thus making your characters stronger with more skills and abilities (like Mannendake for example). But, it cannot be done so easily, farming coins in Onmyoji Arena is not so easy as you think.

If you want to earn coins in Onmyoji Arena using better and faster ways, have a look at the tips to help you out in this regard.

  • This gameplay consists of the daily pact and guild quests which are considered as the best way to farm coins. They help you to earn thousands per day. If you are able to earn around s10 daily and release trash souls, it gives you a chance to earn more coins.
  • Area Bosses, Demon Encounter Boss, and others, are also one of the best ways to earn coins which completely depends on the damage you have made to the enemies.
  • You must also think of daily demon encounter bosses as well as weekly guild defense, they are also considered as a good source of earning a decent chunk of coins.
  • Exploring Tesso is also another way which you must take into account when looking for different ways to earn huge amount of coins. It works great in helping to increase the number of your coins.
  • The other helpful ways are to look for seal events, hozuki events and others which can become the good source of earning coins in every few minutes with coin boost. You have to go with such events if you really want to farm coins to make the stronger battle.
  • AFK can also be one of the sources for farming coins by selling souls in bulk if you have nothing else.
  • One thing you must always remember that the longer game you have, the more coins you will earn. So, the best way is to join events and guild so that you can earn more coins. You must try to join an active guild, which helps in getting a gold bonus percentage.
  • When you team up with your friends in Exploration Hard Mode, you will get all XP boosts to playing this game as a team. Teaming up with guild mates can also help to get bonuses when your team works together against the enemies.
  • Per realm, you will get some amount from the guild raids. If your target is easy and straightforward, you can run tesso with your guild mate to get the additional coin bonus.

There are several other ways to farm coins in Onmyoji Arena, simply play the game in all aspects, you will learn different ways of earning coins.