Rules of Survival gameplay – Weapons list

Rules of Survival is a battle royale style game that allows players to engage in combat, strategise and explore a vast map, all at the same time.the game is set in an 8 by 8-kilometre island where 300 odd players battle against each other to remain the last man standing. The game is loaded with weapons and arsenal which allows players to outgun each other. Various types of weapons are present in the game ranging from pistols to shotguns and sniper rifles. These weapons can be found lying around throughout the map.

The game also has several vehicles that allow the player to commute from one point to the other. Many different features add layers to the gameplay of Rules of Survival for PC and manage to make it even more engaging. The players can obtain special powers such as infrared vision, super body and strength. Not only this, the players can make modifications to their guns and skins to suit their playing style.

There are several weapons that one will find in the game and they can choose to use any weapon of their choice. However the weapons do make a difference in the players performance as they vary in range and accuracy. The weapons present in Rules of Survival can be categorized as pistols, machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles.

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There are two types of pistols in Rules of Survival. The first one is a Desert Eagle and G18C. both have almost the same fire rate and firing power, but the Desert Eagle is much more stable as compared to G18C.

Machine Guns

There are a total of five different types of machine guns that are present in Rules of Survival. This includes the Thompson, Vector, P90, PP19 and MP7. The P90 has the highest endurance whereas the vector has the highest fire power. For the most stable machine gun, one must rely on the Thompson.


M1887, M870, AA12, WRO and Saiga are the shotguns available to players in Rules of Survival. The most reliable shotgun to use would be the WRO as it has 20 percent more fire power as compared to any other shotgun.

Sniper Rifles

M110 is the more reliable option out of the many sniper rifles available to players in this game. The M110 has higher firepower and hence is a better option.

With knowledge about the functioning of all the weapons in Rules of Survival, one might find themselves with a competitive advantage over other players. So, go ahead and try using this information in the game!