Some Tactics to get achievements on Stick Fight: The Game

Like all other online games, the main aim of all players in Stick Fight: The Game is to fight against the enemies strongly and to be the last one standing and winning the game. But, gaining victory in any game is not as easier as you think. You need to use effective tactics to achieve the winner title.

In this guide, you will learn about some helpful tactics to get most of the achievements in this gameplay. So, let’s begin.

To get this achievement, all other players must fall down on the map which commonly occurs in ice levels or you can also choose your friend for falling down purposely.

Poultry meal
It can be achieved when you get 99 players killed with any kind of weapon.

It is achieved when you kill any player with a headshot.

Strong Kung Fu
When your Kung Fu is strong, you can kill any enemy with your mid-air kick, to do this, simply jump and kick.

Killing Spree
This achievement enables you to kill 4 enemies one by one without any damage to you. Here, OP weapons work very well.

Double kill
It allows you to kill two enemies within a short period of time; here you can use the grenade launcher to get this achievement.

This achievement is quite hard to get, to do this you require OP weapons.

Like Rampage achievement, Dominating is also a hard one. It is advised not to join fist battles and simply wait for the weapons to drop.

To get this, you require killing 3 players in one time, but make sure that you have to kill them and they do not kill each other.

As this achievement is so hard to get, so it is best not to take any risks as well as do not join fist battles. You can rush your enemies with a weapon and camp to get this achievement.

To get this, you require playing one round on each map, no matter whether you win or lose any battle.

4D Stickman
Whenever you see a black hole, you have to win that battle, for this, you can take the help of sawed-off or auto shotgun.

It is quite easier as compared to other achievements. Simply block your enemy and do not even let him/her to punch you for a few seconds.

Triple kill
To get this one, you require killing three enemies in a short period of time, here, the grenade launcher is considered as the best choice of weapon.

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